Proscenium Construction

Prosecn1.jpg (114155 bytes)
Proscenium Built.  You can see the opening for the screen wall/screen area
ProscenBot.jpg (117349 bytes)
Bottom of Proscenium, edge of stage
Proscentop.jpg (83621 bytes)
Top of Proscenium, HVAC return slightly visible in background


Stage Construction

P1150060.jpg (65400 bytes)
Front Stage begins
P1150061.jpg (98579 bytes)
Stage rests on 30 Lb Felt
P1180056.jpg (77649 bytes)
Stage being filled with sand, you can also see the front radius edge taking shape
P1180058.jpg (71642 bytes)
2,150 lbs of sand
 All of it hauled and installed by my Cousin Lee.
(Thanks Lee!!!)
P1180059.jpg (73681 bytes)
First layer of plywood
P1190060.jpg (72796 bytes)
Second layer of plywood
P1190063.jpg (114392 bytes)
Lew cutting third layer
P1190065.jpg (78971 bytes)
Lee installing third layer of plywood


Sheetrock Mudded and Taped (both layers)

P1140054.jpg (60672 bytes)
Screen Wall
P1140056.jpg (59753 bytes)
Right Wall
P1140055.jpg (69953 bytes)
Left Wall
P1140059.jpg (69055 bytes)
Rear Wall


Sheetrock installed (both layers, except for rear)

P1060039.jpg (55255 bytes) P1060040.jpg (64787 bytes) P1060041.jpg (65473 bytes) P1060042.jpg (81186 bytes)


(Sheetrock begins)

Pc180063.jpg (108922 bytes) Pc180070.jpg (101443 bytes) Pc230087.jpg (60426 bytes)
Screen wall

(Ready for Sheetrock)

Pc130027.jpg (76805 bytes)
Screen Wall
Pc130028.jpg (80746 bytes)
Right Wall
Pc130029.jpg (85272 bytes)
Left Wall
Pc130030.jpg (67594 bytes)
Rear Wall



(Wiring, lights, HVAC, and more wiring)

Pc020027.jpg (55691 bytes)
Screen Wall
Pc020026.jpg (48880 bytes)
Right Wall
Pc020028.jpg (52183 bytes)
Left Wall
Pc020029.jpg (43717 bytes)
Rear Wall
Pc020024.jpg (44920 bytes)
Conduits for Speaker
Cables, etc.
Pc020025.jpg (56664 bytes)
Conduits in ceiling
Pc020033.jpg (54374 bytes)
HVAC for Theater
 (in adjacent room)
Pb300022.jpg (82730 bytes)
Lee looking at HVAC return

Pc020037.jpg (22702 bytes)
Access Door to Equipment Room

 Pc020036.jpg (49841 bytes)
Equipment Rack Location


Pb300016.jpg (58358 bytes)
Photo of Lew Working
Pb300018.jpg (82601 bytes)
More Common Photo of Lew Talking