"I was floored by the Active/20 … This is hands-down the best sounding two-way six-incher at any price … sounds more musical than passive two-ways costing many times the Active/20’s price. Are you starting to see why I’m loving this speaker? … amazing micro-focused imaging – these speakers etch out a finely detailed soundscape like nothing else I’ve had in my listening room … astounding transparency … very, very neutral … Highly recommended!"
– Corey Greenberg, Audio,
on the Active/20

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“… Stunning realism … This is a highly persuasive piece of audio equipment, capable of giving satisfaction to demanding audiophiles … This product represents contemporary audio engineering at its best. Exactly how good is it? So good that, if it were only a tiny bit better, the ultra-high-end loudspeaker business would be in big big trouble.”
– Peter Aczel, The Audio Critic,
on the Active/20

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“Destined to become a legend … a new level of innovation … sets a new standard for spectral uniformity … ten leaps forward in terms of performance … Vocals were clear and detail was fantastic … piano, drums and acoustic bass, were precisely placed, and the smallest sonic details were etched in space.”
– Tom Nousaine, Video Magazine,
on the Active/20

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“… [the] Active/20 is a superb-sounding, well engineered bargain … Enthusiastically recommended as the affordable reference for minimonitor sound quality.”
– John Atkinson, Stereophile Vol. 20 No.11,
on the Active/20

“The first and most obvious characteristic of the 20’s is the lack of coloration. The frequency response is much flatter than just about any speaker that I know of, and the distortion is very low as well … the first speaker I have heard that uses amplifiers that are in the same league quality-wise as what I am accustomed to … wide bandwidth … low distortion, great imaging and uncolored sound.”
– Tom Jung, Pro Audio Review,
on the Active/20

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“… a remarkable combination of power and finesse, punch and potency … a fully developed soundstage that has rear corners … these speakers exhibited the highest resolution of any Paradigm model yet, and are easily the best speaker this company has yet produced in a long history of very good loudspeakers. Bravo.”
– Andrew Marshall, Audio Ideas Guide,
on the Active/40

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“… excellent … nearly ideal performance for a surround speaker when you consider that room interaction will always be a major factor in a system’s overall response … The front-rear soundstages blend wonderfully and the ambience covered the full width of the room.”
– Tom Nousaine, Video Magazine,
on the Active/ADP

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We are very pleased to announce the next generation of Paradigm® Reference Active speaker systems. Built on the stunning success of Paradigm® Reference Active products to date, these speakers incorporate the following design improvements:
  • Amplifier power increased to 325/125w RMS for bass/midrange driver section (power for high-frequency section remains at 150/50w RMS)
  • New, even more refined electronic crossovers
  • Sensitivity increased for louder levels before clipping
  • New Cascade™ enclosures with more extensive bracing
  • New extraordinarily elegant design

Paradigm® Reference Active speakers are now even more precise and refined:

  • Better sound: More neutral, natural, detailed and clear.
  • Better imaging: More spacious and open with rock-solid localization.
  • Better accuracy: Tighter timbral accuracy for a stunning, state-of-the-art 5.1 soundstage.

At the heart of these incredible speakers are the ultra-precision electronic crossovers and amplifiers - this self contained closed system utilizes active frequency and phase optimization to ensure near flawless frequency- and phase-coherent performance. Frequency response accuracy is an unheard of ±1dB! And even minute crossover phase irregularities are completely eliminated, allowing the drive units to achieve an entirely new level coherence for utterly seamless performance. Paradigm® Reference Active Speakers must be heard to be believed - no other compact speaker system can match their ability to retrieve fine detail and reproduce sound so purely, precisely and effortlessly. The result is an all new, and simply shocking sense of sonic realism!
The Active/20 is an ultra-low coloration, wide dispersion system that delivers spectacular high-end performance for both music and home theater. A fully active bi-amplified design with built-in electronic crossover the Active/20 uses a 6-1/2" MLP™ mica-loaded polymer cone midrange driver and a 1" PAL™ pure-aluminum dome high-frequency driver.

The magnetically shielded Active/40 is a 2-1/2 way speaker system that provides awesome dynamics and stunningly accurate imaging. A fully active bi-amplified design with built-in electronic crossover the Active/40 uses one 6-1/2" polypropylene cone bass driver, one 6-1/2" MLP™ mica-loaded polymer cone bass/midrange driver and a 1" PAL™ pure-aluminum dome high-frequency driver.

The magnetically shielded Active/CC provides superb timbre matched sound with all Paradigm Reference speakers providing extraordinary clarity and unprecedented dialogue intelligibility throughout a very wide listening area.

The Active/ADP surround speaker adheres to the same fundamental design principles of high-end sound but is specifically designed to provide state-of-the-art surround performance! These speakers use two complete sets of drivers - one on either side of the speaker - which are optimized with differing radiation patterns at various frequencies to ensure both outstanding timbrel accuracy and a very large reverberant soundfield. The results are simply breathtaking! Active/ADP Surround speakers provide utterly uniform, seamless timbre-matched sound with the front speakers for absolutely spectacular high-end music and home theater performance! A fully active bi-amplified design with built-in electronic crossover the Active/ADP uses two 6-1/2" MLP™ mica-loaded polymer cone midrange drivers and two 1" PAL™ pure-aluminum dome high-frequency drivers.

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