"Cain's Lair Theater" Construction Photos
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May 26, 2002
(The Theater is 95% complete)
We had our Premier the night of May 17, 2002.
 "Last of the Mohicans" was enjoyed by all.

Construction Photos 

Fabric Installation Started!!

P5130093.jpg (78732 bytes)

Right wall center panel


P5130089.jpg (115634 bytes)

Right wall Right Surround Speaker column

P5130090.jpg (162988 bytes)

Closeup corner of column and soffit

P5130091.jpg (82093 bytes)

Rear of room, secret door


Carpet installed, Theatershield and poly batting up!

P5110072.jpg (73536 bytes)
Front, Screen wall


P5110074.jpg (80319 bytes)
Right Wall

P5110073.jpg (74754 bytes)

Left Wall

P5110075.jpg (79405 bytes)
Rear Wall

P5060071.jpg (94844 bytes)

Mike Favors, the carpet guy, makes a final check

P5110076.jpg (133089 bytes)
Mr. Favors handiwork..
 (Front Stage) Nice job Mike! 

P5110081.jpg (69898 bytes)
Rear door, MDF on piano hinge.  Door into garage. 

P5120084.jpg (124484 bytes)
Theatershield and Polyester batting on top half of right wall


Light Trey completed, Screenwall completed, Ceiling cans installed, ready for carpet.

P4280055.jpg (115267 bytes)
Front, Screen wall

P4280057.jpg (123139 bytes)
Right Wall

P4280056.jpg (119965 bytes)
Left Wall

P4280061.jpg (124312 bytes)
Rear Wall
P4120027.jpg (161717 bytes)
Stewart Screen in the shipping Crate
P4120029.jpg (150307 bytes)
Two of my Lazyboy Chairs in the theater for the first time
P4120033.jpg (130415 bytes)
Lee, Lew, and Sandy (supervising screen installation)
P4130039.jpg (130066 bytes)
Lee takes the wraps off of the screen
P4130040.jpg (139920 bytes)
Lee & Lew "working"
P4280049.jpg (129564 bytes)
Stewart curved screen in place!
P4280052.jpg (113491 bytes)
Close-up of the screen's curve
P4280054.jpg (105882 bytes)
Shot from behind the screen


Furring strips almost complete, light trey in-place but not painted, ceiling painted final color, columns painted

P3310012.jpg (83978 bytes)
Front, Screen wall

P3310014.jpg (105119 bytes)
Right Wall

P3310013.jpg (93249 bytes)
Left Wall

P3310015.jpg (94848 bytes)
Rear Wall

P3310016.jpg (61119 bytes)

P3310017.jpg (72748 bytes)
Side Surround Speaker

P3310019.jpg (58207 bytes)
Light Trey/Soffit
Note: The Light trey strip seen in these pictures will NOT remain white, it will be painted the ceiling color.


Columns complete, platform complete, rack installed, furring strips and baseboard installation started

P3090003.jpg (57602 bytes)
Front, Screen wall
P3090005.jpg (61807 bytes)
Right Wall
P3090004.jpg (68971 bytes)
Left Wall, Equipment Rack in place
P3090008.jpg (63735 bytes)
Rear Wall

Front, Sides, Rear & Speaker Column Close-ups

P2220164.jpg (58794 bytes)
Front, Screen wall 
P2240181.jpg (54616 bytes)
Right Wall
P2240175.jpg (70919 bytes)
Left Wall
P2240182.jpg (80235 bytes)
Rear Wall
P2220161.jpg (61945 bytes)
Lew inserts speaker section of rear surround speaker column
P2220171.jpg (55493 bytes)
Shot of rear surround speaker column
P2240179.jpg (54894 bytes)
Rear Left Surround Speaker in Speaker column from front
P2240180.jpg (57349 bytes)
Rear Left Surround in Speaker column from side
 (fits like a glove!)


Rear Seating Platform & HVAC Columns Built

P2180148.jpg (63444 bytes)
Lew starts seating platform 
P2180149.jpg (63232 bytes)
Seating platform
P2180154.jpg (84129 bytes)
Seating platform
P2190156.jpg (79581 bytes)
Seating platform stuffed with insulation, ready for first layer of plywood
P2190158.jpg (75107 bytes)
Seating platform gets first of three layers of plywood
 (each layer separated by 30 lb roofing felt)
P2190159.jpg (67617 bytes)
Platform with all three layers of plywood
P2210160.jpg (62915 bytes)
Front right HVAC Column
P2240176.jpg (61761 bytes)
Right side finished HVAC supply columns


All Soffits Finished, Ready for Rear Platform Construction

P2170134.jpg (62740 bytes)
Front, Screen wall 
P2170139.jpg (57357 bytes)
Right Wall
P2170137.jpg (61835 bytes)
Left Wall
P2170138.jpg (55251 bytes)
Rear Wall
P2170146.jpg (60928 bytes)
Screen wall from ceiling, shows stage better
P2170140.jpg (89891 bytes)
Stage shown from side, shows front radius better
P2170143.jpg (66773 bytes)
Cutaway detail of rear soffit, shows light tray on left
P2170141.jpg (46315 bytes)
Front right stage,
shows front light tray miter


First Brief Screening

Betty_Alice.jpg (94240 bytes)
First Customers!! 
(My Mom and my Aunt Alice
{the Theater's Interior Designer})
(Note: Projector mounting is temporary!)
MrRbts.jpg (189535 bytes)

(Note: Image shone on painted sheetrock wall only)


Room given primer coat, and soffit construction begins

P2030103s.jpg (58418 bytes)
Front, Screen wall 
P2030105s.jpg (56904 bytes)
Right Wall
P2030104s.jpg (63169 bytes)
Left Wall
P2030106s.jpg (55566 bytes)
Rear Wall
P2030107s.jpg (54761 bytes)
Soffit & Return Box
P2030108s.jpg (105920 bytes)
Equipment Rack & Power
P2030109s.jpg (82417 bytes)
Close-up of Front Stage & Radius
P1290086s.jpg (97993 bytes)
Seleco HT300 (projector) on my Dining Room Table


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